Itaipu Dam South America Border Brazil-Paraguay

Itaipu Dam on the Paraná River situated on the border of Brazil and Paraguay was build by these two countries. The construction took place in two phases. The first phase was the building of 18 units during the years 1975 and 1991, a duration of 16 years. The expansion with 2 more units took place in 2006 and 2007.

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Guri Dam The Third Largest Hydroelectric Dam in the World



Central Hidroeléctrica Simón Bolívar

Guri Dam with its official name Central Hidroeléctrica Simón Bolívar and formerly called Central Hidroeléctrica Raúl Leoni, is located in the state Bolívar on the southeastern region of Venezuela, also known as Venezuelan Guayana, which is the largest state of Venezuela regarding its surface.

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Solar Energy History in Brief and the Uses

solar-energy-mediumThe advantages of Solar energy with brief history of its uses. As the name implies, it is energy derived from the sun and the Sun has been there for millions of years and will be there for millions of years to come. Day after day the sun will come up again and again. Solar power energy is the most diversified form of the common alternative energy sources, through its different forms of uses.

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What are Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources a discussion, an explanation, the purpose, the pros and the cons.


Alternative means changing, altering, replacing or renewing.
In other words we refer to a replacement energy for the usual type we are now using.
Today alternative energy is more widely called renewable energy.

What is Alternative Energy?
This is energy that does not pollute our environment with toxic byproducts, also known as Green Energy or Clean Energy. It is the kind of energy that will replenish itself and does not get used up. It’s why we refer to it as a Sustainable Energy.

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