What are Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources a discussion, an explanation, the purpose, the pros and the cons.


Alternative means changing, altering, replacing or renewing.
In other words we refer to a replacement energy for the usual type we are now using.
Today alternative energy is more widely called renewable energy.

What is Alternative Energy?
This is energy that does not pollute our environment with toxic byproducts, also known as Green Energy or Clean Energy. It is the kind of energy that will replenish itself and does not get used up. It’s why we refer to it as a Sustainable Energy.

It is energy derived from sources other than the conventional ones of burning fossil fuels like oil and oil products, natural gas or coal, and of performing nuclear fusion.
Renewable Energy Sources are sources like the sun and the wind. The sun comes up every day and the wind blows most of the days.

What about renewable energy cost? There is a constant look out for solutions to these high costs.

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Why Is It Important To Replace the Conventional Type of Energy We Are Using?

The sources of fossil fuels are diminishing, prices are rising dramatically and most of all global warming is reaching disastrous levels through contamination of the atmosphere with CO2. Global warming is mainly the result of the burning of fossil fuels.

Our Earth is undergoing enormous negative changes, like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, dryness, drastic changes in temperature, melting of polar ice and so on and maybe more. So we need to look for alternate energy sources to combat global warming and environmental pollution, which will end with our living place, the Earth. And Alternative Energy Sources is part of the solution.

Global warming is a threat that will affect generations to come. The atmosphere surrounding us that supports life must be kept clean. It must be protected. Not everyone on this planet is conscious about this fact that will lead us to self destruction. We all can individually put our grain in the rescue of this world.

Imagine if we all can reduce our energy consumption alone, the energy companies will produce less energy from fossil fuels, thus less pollution to the environment. Where possible if we can partially or even entirely produce our own clean energy the pollution reduction will be even greater.

When we use alternative energy sources, we contribute in reducing chemical, radioactive and thermal pollution in this world. Be alert, keep your ears open to hear the cry of others, who already are contributing in this cleaning up process of the atmosphere and unite yourself to them. Link: www.earthhour.org.

Some Very Popular Alternative Energy Sources

Solar energy which is derived from the sun. Use for home solar power, the solar radiation can be transformed into direct heat for cooking or for solar water heating and the heating of buildings. It can be converted into electricity by means of solar cells and satellite dish reflectors.

Wind energy is energy derived from the wind force. We harness the kinetic energy of the wind to drive wind power generators and windmills. The wind power generators also called wind turbines, on their turn produce electricity and the windmills will drive water pumps or some other mechanical appliance for cutting lumber or to drive grinding stones for the grinding of corn.

Hydroelectric energy is energy derived from the force of falling water or the force of streaming water. This force is utilized to turn a waterwheel which in turn will drive a generator to produce electricity.

Biomass is material derived from living, or recently living organisms, agricultural residue or animal dung.

Geothermal energy is energy derived from hot, dry rocks, magma, hot water springs and natural geysers. This type of energy is more relevant for industrial applications due to its costly technologies involved.

Ocean thermal energy conversion, is energy derived from the differences in temperature of the ocean water. By means of a heat engine this temperature difference is converted into electricity.

Ocean tidal energy is where we use the moving water, produced by the tide, to rotate a propeller attached to a generator which generates electricity.

Ocean wave energy is where we use the kinetic energy of the moving waves to drive a turbine.

Hydrogen which is derived from water by way of hydrogen electrolysis to burn in hydrogen car.

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Who Can Benefit From Alternative Energy?
The whole world can benefit from. Some types of these alternative energy sources are more let’s say for industrial use, due to their technology involvement and initial costs in setup. But there are also alternative energy sources like Sun, Wind, Hydroelectricity, Biomass and hydro generator that people like you and me can take advantage of and have them contribute in our energy usage, while being clean energy.

What To Consider Before You Build Your Own Energy System?
-Check in your town, city, state, province, county or country for applicable laws.

-Improvements and alterations on your home often need local government permits and licenses or maybe illegal in your area.

-Have assistant of professionals in your renewable energy projects and a local electrician, who knows the laws of electricity and the codes for your region. Failure to do so could cause injury or death or destruction of system components.

– Dedicate time on the energy efficieny of your home and change your lifestyle in energy usage.